Saturday, January 31, 2009

Game Manual for Materialism @ 9.8 m/s2

Game Manual for PC

"MATERIALISM @ 9.8m/s2"
is a one or two player game
by the Wiimote and keyboard,
or two players sharing keyboard.

Wii Instructions Player 0ne

- Read included setupWii_on_PC.txt to install Wiimote on PC.

- Go to Carl Kener's site to download the latest version GlovePIE for PC
GlovePIE allows you to use the Wiimote

- Run WiiControl.PIE in GlovePIE

Wiimote Commands:
Left - Tilt left
Right - Tilt right
Up - D-pad right
Down - D-pad left
Hit - 2 button
Grab - B button
Pause - Minus

Keyboard Instructions Player Two

Left - Left arrow
Right - Right arrow
Up - Up Arrow
Down - Down Arrow
Hit - . (period)
Grab - , (comma)
Pause - H

Keyboard Instructions Player One if no Wiimote is used.

Left - A
Right - D
Up - W
Down - S
Hit - V
Grab - B
Pause - F

Extra information:

Additional scripting information and useful information on How To: Write GlovePIE Scripts and GlovePie Scripting see

Useful Wii diagnostic at WiimoteLib v1.7 Released by

Game Process List

Initialize application

- Find inputs
- Load textures and sounds
- Set game state to menu
- - User input for start
- Set game state to beginning
- - Play opening movie
- - Configure cursors on screen
- Initialize boxes
- Figure out back round music and screen
- Listen for user input
- Play game
- End game
- - Good end
- - Bad end
- - Score
- - Back to menu

Game Start
Floating weapon(s), one for each player (frozen fish, wooden bat, small child, broken umbrella, walking stick, ridiculous items)

Items Falling With You
Cows, suitcases, handbags, other stuff

Things That Might be Dangerous
TNT, dynamite, possibly an old woman

Junk That is Useless
Socks, slippers, and stuff

Friday, January 30, 2009

Materialism @ 9.8 m/s2 Planing Pictures

We didn't write down most of the information but we took photos of it.


Materialism @ 9.8 m/s2 (originally Aahhhhh) is a collaborative game that can be played by two people at one time. It was created by seven people: Steve, Frank, Leon, Arthur, Mark, Widget, and Chris. The game involves falling to your death from an exploded plane. You have to save yourself by destroying crates and boxes that are also falling from the plane. Some boxes hold weapons that will bash apart the metal crates and anhiliate the suitcases of injustice. Other boxes hold dangerous explosives that will end your life. Still other boxes hold useless junk that will just get in your way. You have to find a parachute before you hit the ground. You might survive with just a few scraps and bruises or you might just die, splat.