Saturday, January 31, 2009

Game Manual for Materialism @ 9.8 m/s2

Game Manual for PC

"MATERIALISM @ 9.8m/s2"
is a one or two player game
by the Wiimote and keyboard,
or two players sharing keyboard.

Wii Instructions Player 0ne

- Read included setupWii_on_PC.txt to install Wiimote on PC.

- Go to Carl Kener's site to download the latest version GlovePIE for PC
GlovePIE allows you to use the Wiimote

- Run WiiControl.PIE in GlovePIE

Wiimote Commands:
Left - Tilt left
Right - Tilt right
Up - D-pad right
Down - D-pad left
Hit - 2 button
Grab - B button
Pause - Minus

Keyboard Instructions Player Two

Left - Left arrow
Right - Right arrow
Up - Up Arrow
Down - Down Arrow
Hit - . (period)
Grab - , (comma)
Pause - H

Keyboard Instructions Player One if no Wiimote is used.

Left - A
Right - D
Up - W
Down - S
Hit - V
Grab - B
Pause - F

Extra information:

Additional scripting information and useful information on How To: Write GlovePIE Scripts and GlovePie Scripting see

Useful Wii diagnostic at WiimoteLib v1.7 Released by

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